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Remote Configuration

This starter template uses Firebase Remote Config to change the behavior and appearance of the app without requiring users to download an app update. Head over to the Firebase documentation to check out how it works.


The following parameters are available by default:

Name Description Type Default value
enable_anonymous_sign_in Enables anonymous sign in. boolean false
enable_apple_sign_in Enables Apple sign in. boolean false
enable_google_sign_in Enables Google sign in. boolean false
feedback_email_address The email address to which users can send feedback. string ''
privacy_policy_url The URL to the privacy policy of the app. string ''
terms_of_service_url The URL to the terms of service of the app. string ''


The deployment of the configuration is done via the Firebase CLI or the Firebase Console. To deploy the configuration via the Firebase CLI, a template file is required. This starter template provides a template file at firebase/remoteconfig.template.json.

To deploy the template file manually, run the following command:

npm run firebase:deploy:remoteconfig

See CI/CD.

If you choose to publish changes via the Firebase Console, you should either add new changes manually to the firebase/remoteconfig.template.json file so that they are not reverted during the next deployment, or you should disable the corresponding deployment step in the CI/CD pipeline (see CI/CD).

This is how you can download the current template file from the Firebase Console:

Download Remote Config file

The downloaded file contains a version property. Remove this property before copying the file content into the firebase/remoteconfig.template.json file:

    "parameters": {
        "enable_anonymous_sign_in": {
        "defaultValue": {
            "value": "true"
        "valueType": "BOOLEAN"
-    "version": {
-        "versionNumber": "12",
-        "updateTime": "2024-01-03T09:31:10.912261Z",
-        "updateUser": {
-        "email": ""
-        },
-        "updateOrigin": "REST_API",
-        "updateType": "INCREMENTAL_UPDATE"
-    }