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Run the app

You don't need to pay attention to anything special when running the app. Use the Ionic CLI and Capacitor CLI as you are used to.

Here are a few examples:

  • Run the app in the browser (with livereload):
    npx ionic serve
  • Run the app on Android (with livereload):
    npx ionic cap run android --livereload --external --open
  • Run the app on iOS (with livereload):
    npx ionic cap run ios --livereload --external --open


The following scripts are available in the package.json file:

Script Description
start Starts the local development server.
build Builds the app for production and saves the output in the www folder.
lint Lints the code.
fmt Formats the code.
release Bumps the version, updates the changelog, commits the changes, and creates a git tag.