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To automate as many tasks as possible, there are several CI/CD pipelines that handle various tasks, from building and testing the app to publishing app updates in the app stores.

Getting started

By default, all jobs are disabled so that you can decide for yourself which jobs you want to automate. Follow the steps below to configure the CI/CD pipelines:

  1. Add secrets: Before you can enable a job, you must add the necessary environment variables and environment secrets to the repository.
  2. Enable jobs: To enable a job, you must set the corresponding environment variable to true.

Now you can trigger the CI/CD pipeline (e. g. by pushing a commit) and the enabled jobs are executed.



The CI pipeline is executed on every push to the repository and is used to build and test the app.

flowchart LR
    buildWeb(Build web assets)
    buildAndroid(Build Android app)
    buildIos(Build iOS app)

    subgraph Parallel
        direction TB

    Parallel --> buildAndroid
    Parallel --> buildIos


The Release pipeline is executed when a new version is created and is used to publish the app updates to Firebase Hosting and the app stores.

flowchart LR
    buildWeb(Build web assets)
    buildAndroid(Build Android app)
    buildIos(Build iOS app)
    deployWeb(Deploy web app)
    deployAndroid(Deploy Android app)
    deployIos(Deploy iOS app)

    buildWeb --> deployWeb
    buildWeb --> buildAndroid
    buildWeb --> buildIos
    buildAndroid --> deployAndroid
    buildIos --> deployIos


The following providers are currently supported:

Environment variables

Variables are shown as plain text and are used for non-sensitive data. The following variables are available:

Name Description Default Example
ENABLE_JOB_BUILD_WEB Enable the build of the web app. false true
ENABLE_JOB_BUILD_ANDROID Build the Android app. false true
ENABLE_JOB_BUILD_IOS Enable the build of the iOS app. false true
ENABLE_JOB_LINT Enable linting. false true
ENABLE_JOB_TEST Enable testing. false true
ENABLE_JOB_DEPLOY_WEB Enable deployment of the web app. false true
APPFLOW_APP_ID The Appflow app ID. 1abc9c12
APPFLOW_ANDROID_BUILD_TYPE The build type for the Android app. release
APPFLOW_IOS_BUILD_TYPE The build type for the iOS app. app-store

Environment secrets

Secrets are encrypted and are used for sensitive data. The following secrets are available:

Name Description
FIREBASE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT The Firebase service account key in JSON format. Open the Project settings in your Firebase project and navigate to the Service accounts tab. Click the Generate new private key button to download the service account key. Copy the content of the downloaded file and paste it as secret.
IONIC_TOKEN The Ionic Cloud CLI token. See Authentication to learn how to create a token.