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This starter template uses RevenueCat to handle in-app purchases.

Set up RevenueCat

Even though the RevenueCat Purchases SDK is already installed, you need to perform some manual steps to connect the app to your RevenueCat project:

  1. Create a RevenueCat Account: See Create a RevenueCat Account and follow the instructions.
  2. Configure your app and project: See Project and App Configuration and follow the instructions.
  3. Configure your products: See Product Configuration and follow the instructions.
  4. Configure the Purchases SDK: Finally, you just need to add the RevenueCat Public API keys to the app configuration. See Obtaining API Keys and copy your Android and iOS Public API key to your apps configuration.

Now you are ready to go!

Display products

The starter template has an Upgrade to Premium button on the SettingsPage, which is only available on Android and iOS. The button is used to open the PurchasesModalComponent. This component displays the available monthly, annual and lifetime offerings and allows the user to make or restore a purchase.

Settings Page
Settings Page
Settings Page
Purchases Modal